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 Base Invaders V Briefing

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PostSubject: Base Invaders V Briefing   Base Invaders V Briefing EmptySat Jun 23, 2012 2:41 am

Base Invaders V Briefing
The fifth Base Invaders event is about to begin! During this event the Draconians are stepping up their campaign to colonize and crush the sectors currently occupied by the Forsaken. Using the resources gathered during the previous Revenge Raids, the Dracs will start construction of their mighty war bases. Expect Draconian construction sites to arrive quickly and be very well guarded. Count on their best fleets and heaviest defense platforms to be deployed as they seek to delay and deter any Forsaken response. They are highly organized.

But in their hubris they have underestimated the Forsaken yet again. Incomplete Drac bases have only a tiny fraction of the power a fully operational base would have, which gives the Forsaken an opportunity to strike. In preparation for this very day the Forsaken Council has been training their Captains to join forces and work cooperatively. Up to four players can now join forces in a single battle to create huge armadas of Forsaken ships - an unstoppable force to overcome any immovable object.

So Captains, be cooperative, be brave, be victorious, and we will all prevail!

Participation Multiplier
The more days you battle during the invasion, the higher your Participation Multiplier will be. Participate for 2 days and your Damage Points for the event will be doubled, three days tripled and four days quadrupled. The 4x multiplier is the highest you can get. The multiplier applies to all of the points you earn throughout the entire event. The first multiplier will be applied 24 hours after the event started in your sector, the second 48 hours after etc...

Combat Rules
This event is primarily a multiplayer combat event. To succeed you will need to group up with other players and attack as a combined force. The more players you fight alongside, the less damage you will take and the faster you will achieve the event prizes.
◦ Quota and leaderboard points are awarded from the damage you do to Drac base platforms and ships.
◦ Looted resources no longer count toward quota and leaderboard points.
◦ Draconian bases are numbered like player bases.
◦ Loot is given equally to all players in the same battle whenever any single Drac platform or ship is destroyed. The more powerful the Drac base the more loot is given from destroying it. Players will be able to over-loot up to 5x just as when attacking player bases.
◦ Up to four players can be in combat against a Draconian Outpost at one time.
◦ Battles are 'rolling' which means that players can join while other players are already in combat.
◦ A yellow glow around a Draconian Outpost means that it has less than 4 players attacking it, and you are able to join the battle if you so choose.
◦ A red glow around a Draconian Outpost means that the maximum 4 players are already in combat and you cannot join.
◦ Only Draconian Outposts support 4 player battles. Salvages, player bases, etc. are still single fleets, or a maximum of 2 players.
◦ There is no Friendly Fire! You cannot attack or damage other players' ships while in combat against a Draconian Outpost.
◦ Each player can only have 1 fleet in a multiplayer battle.

Due to the epicness of the event a suitably epic prize has been garnered. There are a total of 5 prizes you can win by earning enough points. There is no sector prize. The biggest prize in the event is the new bombardment ship, the Strike Cruiser, which will take your base attacks to the next level!

Extra Information
Repairs time will be halved during the event and Salvage fleets will drop off in number as the Draconian channel more of their resources into constructing bases. Player relocation will also be off.

The Draconians have altered their defensive strategies since the last Base Invaders event. Expect to see something a little different.

Good luck Captains! Cooperate with your Forsaken brethren and show the Draconians the righteous power of the Forsaken Alliance!
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Base Invaders V Briefing
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